About the Pastor
Bishop Harold Goodrich Jr. went to Church all his life, as his father, Bishop Harold Goodrich Sr. was also his pastor. He was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ at his own request and repentance when he was in sixth grade in school. At 14 years old he was called into the ministry, but didn't fully commit himself to it until later in his life. After graduating high school Harold went to college for mechanical engineering. In 1987 his father assumed a pastor ship in Watervliet, Michigan and moved from Illinois where Harold grew up. Harold soon followed. In Michigan, Harold met Rona who would soon become his wife. They were married in 1988. She too went to college and graduated.

Harold became an ordained minister in 1994 . In 1997 Bishop Goodrich Sr. passed away and Harold Jr. was appointed Pastor in his place. The Church moved into their new location in Decatur, MI. Harold's first child, Jacob was born in 2001. In 2003 Harold was appointed a Bishop by the Bishop Board of The Church of Jesus Christ Conference of Churches. In July 2004 Bishop Harold Goodrich Jr. was ordained as a Bishop along with Bishop Robert O'Dell, the pastor of The Church of Jesus Christ in Pierceton, IN.

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