• Front Stairs and Stoop-PROJECT COMPLETED! The front stairs and stoop on the right and left hand side respectively of the front of the building will soon be renovated. The old carpeting is to be removed and the stairs are to be repaired. The final finish will be a gray non-skid epoxy coating that is bonded to the concrete, making a beautiful and permanent surface. This project was completed on 4/29/2004. Click here for a picture.

  • Rear Roof Area-The roof or the platform at the rear of the building needs to be reshingled. This project will be completed in 2005.

  • Landscaping in Front-The landscaping in front was replaced in September. The Church had a workday to complete the work. Looks very nice. We trimmed up the bushes in front as well.

  • Permanent Baptismal-The church building currently has no permanent baptismal. The winter project in 2005 is to purchase one and install it. Currently we baptize in lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming pools or a feed water trough.

  • Large Sign-We need a large sign with light to go on the front of the building. The sign will have the name and website of the Church.